• Asher Elishama Shelton

The Sign of the Cross

For me the sign of the Cross is a sign of power and overcoming. While I am well aware that the cross has existed for thousands of years, it was when Christ Jesus died upon the cross for the sins of mankind that the cross became significant. Death and the cross go hand in hand but it is through His death that he intended to bring us life. This is what my character Crusader Cross represents. He is a hero that is willing to die for others that they might be saved. Jesus said no greater love then when a man lays down his life for his friend. Crusader Cross is a hero that we need because in today's society everyone is out for themselves. The law that is being taught in our music and media is look out for yourselves. When it comes to being our brother's keeper many of us reply like Cain when questioned. Am I my brother's Keeper? We do not want the responsibility of helping our neighbors. But the second law or golden rule is to love your neighbor as yourself. This is the lesson that all of humanity needs to learn and practice.


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