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Meet Me At The CrossRoads

Motor City Black Age of Comics Convention 2016


We at Reborn Comics had such a great time at this event.  We had the honor of seeing and reconnecting with Arville Jones.  Arville Jones taught a class called the Comic Book Art Workshop when I was at Crockett Vocational School for Graphic Design.  Arville Jones is a great artist that has worked on several Marvel, D.C. and Milestone Comic book titles.  He is also the co-creator of Misty Knight who starred in Marvels Luke Cage.



At Reborn Comics our goal is that you receive edutainment.  This means that you receive some cool new information in a noneducational way.  In other words, that you have fun learning and exploring new exciting worlds created from our imaginations.  We hope you enjoy this brand new world of supernatural heroes. 


African American Family Book February 26, Expo 2017


Me and author Mike Muse author of Burn and Rise.  Chilling at the African American Book Expo with several talented authors and artist.  This event was a blast.  I met so many wonderful supporters and fellow creators.

Yipsilanti Comic Con March 25, 2017

1344 Borgstrom Ave, Ypsilanti, MI 48198

10am-4pm Super Saturday

Only $3.00 Admission



PlymouthComic Con May 6, 2017


Plymouth Elks Lodge 325 

41700 Ann Arbor rd E., Plymouth Michigan

Free Admission/ Free Comic Book Day

Motor City Black Age of Comics


Chilling with the awesome writer of Holmes and Watson.  An urban take on a classic tale.

Movie Favorites

African American Family Book Expo Spring April 1, 2017  

11am-4pm-Only $1.00Asmission

There will be many exciting artist and creative writers.

Star Wars

I'm sure you agree that this movie had a huge impact on the world.  One of the greatest movies of all time..

Pirates of the Caribbean

One of the coolest pirate movies of all time thanks to Johnnny Depp and Orlando Bloom's performance.

The Hobbit

This movie exceeded my expectations.  I thought the movie was going to be  OK but got way more than I bargained for.

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